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GRASS Handbuch Cover

FreeGIS CD 1.2.4 pour GNU/LINUX

System Requirements: kernel >2.2.x, libc6 (glibc2.1), CPU >= i386 (details)
Tested GNU/Linux-Distributions: RedHat 7.2 (i386), Mandrake 8.2 (i386), SuSE 8.0 (i386), Debian 'woody' 3.0 (i386)

CD Documentation online (Changelog)

This CD contains

  • a complete Geographic Information System
  • additional mapping software
  • server for web-based, interactive mapping
  • programming libraries for the development of your own applications
  • global vector geo-data: political borders, coastlines, surface waters at a scale of ca. 1:1Mio
  • global raster geo-data: digital elevation model with a raster size of ca. 1km.
  • local vector geo-data: complete set of streets of Osnabrück (Germany)
  • FreeGIS Tutorial 1.0
  • all executables as RPM packages
  • source code included
  • CD documentation also in German
  • all packages that are built by Intevation are signed with the FreeGIS CD GPG key

Software list: GRASS 5.0.2, GMT 3.4.2, iGMT 1.2, mapserver 3.6.5, MapIt! 1.0.2, Thuban 0.2.0, GpsDrive 1.32, gpsman 6.0, g3DGMV 0.60, BBBike 3.12, shapelib 1.2.10, tkgeomap 1.7, gdal 1.1.8, gen2shp 0.3.1, PROJ 4.4.7.

Data list: GMT (>=GSHHS), GLOBE (G.O.O.D.) 1.0, Frida 1.0.0, AWIPS, NWS Weather Stations, U.S. Gazetteer.

Documentation list: FreeGIS Tutorial 1.0, FreeGIS CD Documentation 1.2.4, GRASS Documentation as of 14th of april 2003, GLOBE 1.0, PROJ 3 and 4.3., GAV Grasscourse


The CDs are burned on demand using quality CD-Rs. This makes it easier to deliver up-to-date versions.

FreeGIS is a project of FOSSGIS e.V.
Contact: Björn Schilberg <>
These pages are hosted by Intevation GmbH